Panel Title Title First name Last name Email
P01 Reconsidering Islamic Legal Traditions in South Asia: Politics, History, Ethnography Prof. Justin Jones
P02 Son preference and gender bias in South Asia: shifts and continuities Christophe Guilmoto
P03 Colonialisms Compared: Practices of Power in the Portuguese, French, and British empires in India Dr. Tara Mayer
P04 Vernaculars, Memory construction and Emotion: Giant Jinas and Warrior Epics in Gwalior Prof. Dr. Heidi Pauwels
P05 Childbirth in South Asia: multiple perspectives on continuing paradoxes Prof. Dr. Roger Jeffery
P06 Rethinking regions: Cultural formations and circulation through and across regional boundaries Prof. Dr. Anne Murphy
P07 Modi and religious minorities: the BJP in power since 2014 Prof. Gurharpal Singh
P07   Dr. Heewon Kim
P08 Political representation in India: new discourses, new practices? Dr. Stéphanie Tawa Lama-Rewal
P09 Documenting Mathematical Practices in South Asia: What Sources for what history? Dr. Agathe Keller
P10 Literary Sentiments: Gender and the Vernacular in colonial and postcolonial South Asia Dr. Shobna Nijhawan
P12 Arabic in South Asia: a language in/of the margins? Simon Leese
P13 Juristic Personalities and the ‘Rights of Non-Humans'. Gods, Animals and Natural Resources as Legal Persons in South Asia Dr. Daniela Berti
P14 Banglascapes in Southern Europe: comparative perspectives PhD Andrea Priori
P15 Levels of Culture  in the Early Modern European Study  of South Asian Languages Prof. Dr. Heinz Werner Wessler
P16 Pakistan Desires: Queer Futurities of the Urban Dr. Omar Kasmani
P17 Women and Public Spaces: Questions of Sexuality, Visibility and Freedom Dr. Radhika Govinda
P18 Religious Networks, Religious Communities Dr. Brian Hatcher
P19 Gauging Comics and Graphic Narrative in South Asia Daniela Cappello
P20 Textoclasm, profanation, and desacralization in South Asia Dr. Paul Rollier
P21 Caste and the outcaste. Subaltern histories of jati formation. Dr. Nicolas Jaoul
P22 Producing and Consumming Photography in South Asia (1840-1980) Dr. Zoe Headley
P23 The <i>sayyids </i>in South Asia: the social and political role of a Muslim elite Dr. Julien Levesque
P24 The Institutionalisation of Heritage in South Asia: the Possibilities of a Trans-Disciplinary Approach Dr. Anais Da Fonseca
P25 Who Speaks for the Village? Representations of the “Rural” in India from the Colonial to the Post-Colonial Era Dr. Delphine Thivet
P26 Genres and the Cultural Ecology of Early Modern South India (16-18th century) Margherita Trento
P27 Economic Corridors, Development and Regional Cooperation in South Asia and Beyond Dr. Siegfried O. Wolf
P28 Living on the Edge: Highland Societies and Lowland Polities Dr. Michael Willis
P29 Multiple worlds of the Adivasis Dr. Sangeeta Dasgupta
P30 ‘Muslim woman’/Muslim women Prof. Patricia Jeffery
P31 Gender and Health in Colonial South Asia Dr. Samiksha Sehrawat
P32 Writing - Grammar - Power: Language Issues in South Asia Dr. Georg Berkemer
P33 The (Un)Partitioned Sindh: the entangled narratives of identity, legacy, and religion Kumbher Kamran
P34 Mainstreaming the margins: Northeast India and Hindutva’s cultural project Dr. Sajjan Kumar
P35 Goa: Encounter, Complexity, Division, Cosmopolitanism Prof. Dr. Alexander Henn
P37 Majoritarian Politics and Vigilante Justice in India Prof. Dr. Kazuya Nakamizo
P38 Education and Transformation in Contemporary India Prof. Meenakshi Thapan
P39 Coded citizenship.  Biometrics, identity and de-socializing technologies in South Asia Prof. Pier Giorgio Solinas
P40 Self in Performance II: Life Narratives in South Asia Dr. Monika Browarczyk
P41 Religion and Socio-Political Violence in South Asia Dr. Sarbeswar Sahoo
P42 The Ethics and Practice of Remembering in India Prof. Shuchi Kapila
P43 New Realms of the Fantastic: Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Fantastic in South Asian Literature and Film PhD Justyna Wiśniewska-Singh
P44 Body politics, female subjectivities and reproductive health rights in South Asia Prof. Maya Unnithan
P45 Landscapes, agriculture, tourism and ethnicity in the Himalayas: An India-Nepal comparison Prof. Frederic Landy
P46 Major Patrons in Minor Courts: rethinking early modern cultural production Dr. Nadia Cattoni
P47 Studying Up: power, politics, and practice in elite education PhD Anna Ruddock
P48 Infrastructures: Labour and Nature in South Asia PhD Aditya Ramesh
P49 Visual Anthropology of Performance: Roles, forms and limits of audio-visual analysis in the South Asian performing arts Dr. Ingrid Le Gargasson
P50 Religious Flows and Ruptures in South Asia Dr. Melanie Vandenhelsken
P51 Mediating South Asian diasporic experience in the 21st century: narratives across borders Dr. Clelia Clini
P52 Maritime Crossroads: Social Histories of South Indian Port Cities Dr. Sebastian Prange
P53 Oral-Written-Performed. The Rāmāyaṇa in Indian Literature and Arts Prof. Dr. Danuta Stasik
P54 Political systems and their influence on foreign policy making in South Asia Aleksandra Jaskólska
P55 Dalit and Adivasi Narratives and the Contestation of Space Dr. Nicole Thiara
P56 Bouquets of Poetry and Garlands of Poets: The Anthology in South Asia Manpreet Kaur